Reading of “Esmeralda” for Strange Horizons podcast


I read the original Spanish version of Tamara Romero’s story “Esmeralda” for Strange Horizons.  Podcast: Esmeralda (Spanish)  

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“Ephemera” in Swords and Sorcery


My fantasy story “Ephemera” is up at Swords and Sorcery. Set in an alternate 16th century where the Aztec Empire has conquered Japan and where poetry written with certain materials can unleash magic, the tale showcases a public contest between two great bards: Princess Macuilxochitzin and the monk Sogi.  …

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Reading of “La terpsícore” for Strange Horizons podcast


I read the original Spanish version of the sci-fi story “La terpsícore” by Teresa P. Mira de Echeverría in the Podcast segment of the September 14, 2016 issue of Strange Horizons.  

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Chupacabra Vengeance cover reveal


Broken River Books has revealed the cover for my short story collection Chupacabra Vengeance, to be published in 2017. A shot-out to Jay Meléndez for the amazing art and lettering.  

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LOTE Character Profile #1: Dr. Elena Baz


LORDS OF THE EARTH Character Profile #1: DR. ELENA BAZ DRESCH Elena Baz is a disabled physicist who consults with the Mexican military when she isn’t hosting her wildly popular science show Muñecos Cósmicos (Cosmic Puppets). Well known for her tough, no-nonsense personality (considered cruel in some circles), she is…

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Lords of the Earth on Kindle


Severed Press has just released my Mexican kaiju (giant monster) novel Lords of the Earth. This week the Kindle version is available; the book should be out in print in another few days. Here’s the cover and description: AFTER FOUR BILLION YEARS, THEY HAVE EMERGED When the volcano Popocatelptl erupts, a…

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Book of Mexican Myths Coming 2017

jaguar tonalli

The book of Mexican mythology that I’ve been working on for the past three years will be published in the fall of next year by Cinco Puntos Press. I’m delighted to be working with such an awesome team!  

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“The Boo Hag”


My horror story “The Boo Hag” appears in the latest STUPEFYING STORIES. Pick it up and prepare to meet Dr. Crow, a bad-ass root worker with his own idea of justice.  

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Review in CLJ


A review of the The Smoking Mirror has appeared in Christian Library Journal Volume XX, No. 2. Their verdict? “With a large caste [sic] of gods and monsters, the book has invited comparison to Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series and will likely appeal to a similar audience.”  

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Work upcoming in Chachalaca Review


My retooling of a Mesoamerican myth, “The Challenge,” will be appearing in the upcoming edition of Chachalaca Review, a multicultural yearly journal published by the Mexican American Studies Program at the University of Texas Río Grande Valley.  

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