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  1. Oh, I was intrigued by “A dream within a dream,” the tribute to Edgar Allan Poe, one of my favorite poets/writers of all time. But I searched your Website for this poem (which I assume IS a poem), but could not find it. Where can one find it? Or how is it available?

  2. Oh, Angel, I just now realized… The event itself was named A Dream within a Dream. It featured several local poets either reading from Poe or reading poetry inspired by him.

  3. I was interested on information about you reading to students in the valley on a particular date (Haunted Valley) during the evening. Please get back to me when you can

  4. Dr. Lesley Morrow

    Dr. Lesley Morrow, the Director of the Center for Literacy Development at Rutgers, would like to inquire about getting quotes for the following:

    • 50-minute webinar presentation and 10-minute Q & A
    • Onsite Speaker Series Workshop presentation 9 am- 2 pm (when allowed) all inclusive

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Have a great day,
    The Center for Literacy Development

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