My translation of The Immortal boy (by the incredible Colombian author Francisco Montaña Ibáñez) has been named the 2022 GLLI Translated YA Book Prize Honor Title.

The Global Literature in Libraries Initiative (GLLI) focuses on making world literature more visible for kids and adults. Here’s what they say about themselves:

“We intend to do so by facilitating close and direct collaboration between translators, librarians, publishers, editors, and educators, because we believe that these groups in collaboration are uniquely positioned to help libraries provide support and events to engage readers of all ages in a library framework that explores and celebrates literature from around the world.

“We want to increase the visibility of international works in English translation so that more readers can enjoy the amazing diversity in these books and the perspectives they present. And we would like to do this by increasing cooperation between literary translators, international literature advocates, and librarians, who are already experts at guiding readers to new titles. Whether you are a children’s librarian or a YA literature blogger, a rural library director or a teacher at a large urban school with a diverse student population, we would welcome your insights as we explore collaborative opportunities to encourage readers to explore beyond the boundaries of their own culture and language.”

Here’s the cover of The Immortal Boy:

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  1. Hey there my dude. Congrats on the award for your translation!

    Your name came up a while back while I was talking sci fi with a young scholar named Sean Guynes. Brought back some good memories of arguing on the early internet. Was glad to hear how things are going with your writing. Be well!

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