Cover Reveal for BLUE

On Wednesday, February 17, Tor(dot)com revealed the cover of The Blue-Spangled Blue, book one of The Path, my new BIPOC space opera.

We have since updated the image on the cover. Here’s the new version!

Coming March 16, 2021: The Blue-Spangled Blue. Art by Estudio Tlalli.

Series description: Humanity stands at a crossroads. Our next steps will either lead us over a precipice or elevate us to enlightenment. It is a crucial time, when the actions of every person matter. A single family could tip the balance.

This is the story of that family. If we follow in their footsteps, we will walk along… The Path.

Book description: Tenshi Koroma’s people, the Aknawajin, were brought to the planet Jitsu as workers more than a century ago. Against all odds, they managed to win their independence from the world’s corporate owners.During a long period of isolation, a theocratic government arose, dominated by fundamentalist views. Now, as Jitsu begins to open itself to the rest of humanity, Tenshi—a controversial architect and leader of a religious reform movement—meets Brando D’Angelo, who has left Earth to accept a teaching position on Jitsu. As the two grow closer, Tenshi begins to teach Brando about her faith—The Path—and he decides to accept its tenets, to shatter his identity and rebuild himself with her guidance so that he can be worthy of a soul.

But the dogmatic struggles on Jitsu are a mask for the machinations of a diabolical mind, and the couple’s life will be forever altered by the cruelty of Tenshi’s enemies. In the aftermath, their family will find a perilous new Way along The Path. And their steps will echo throughout history.

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