Teaching resources for The Smoking Mirror

Here are a few resources than can be used by teachers in connection with The Smoking Mirror


  1. Hello,
    Is there a chapter summary guide because my special education students can’t keep up with the readings.

    Thank you

  2. Hi, we are struggling with pronunciation of a lot of words. Is there anyway we can get a pronunciation guide?

  3. I agree with Sue Willieford. My diverse learner students are also having difficulties keeping up with the reading. If you put something together that can help me and my students I will appreciate it. Thank you
    My e-mail address is daowens@cps.edu

  4. Is this book available in Spanish? I have students who recently arrived from Latin America and only speak Spanish.

  5. Im so glad I found this thread! My students love this book! And I can’t wait to get the Spanish version! Are there any audiobooks available?

  6. Are there any resources you recommend for finding short and age appropriate descriptions of the different gods in Aztec mythology?
    I am teaching 5th graders this novel and would love to allow them to explore the gods/goddesses as they read the book!

  7. Are there any audiobooks or a condensed version? My students would benefit from these supports. Thank you.

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