Creature Feature: 13 Frightening Folktales

On December 10th, AIM Media Texas released Creature Feature: 13 Frightening Folktales of the Río Grande Valley. This eBook collects the nine stories published in The Monitor this past September and October, plus an additional four tales I crafted especially for the volume. Featuring a baker’s dozen of fantastic illustrations from several amazing artists, this beautiful book will make a great Christmas present for that fan of fear in your family.

Creature Feature is on sale at present through only, but it will eventually make its way to your preferred purveyor of eBooks. Enjoy…with the lights on!

Creature Feature cover


  1. I liked the creature feature stories on the monitor but I would like to have all the 13 stories on a book how can I get it?

  2. Just looking sounds good.

  3. I am a valley native – Brownsville,I read The Monitor daily. I followed the creature feature stories and loved them, I had heard of a few myself growing up.I also saw the big bird story on one of the cable channels. I have lived in Houston for 20 years now but I contiue to read our local newspapers. Keep up the great work David Bowles!! I am always looking for your great storys!!

    • Sylvia, thanks for the words of encouragement! It makes me glad that I’ve helped keep these stories we both love alive for another generation. Be on the look-out for more this fall!

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