Stories That Must Not Die

Originally a native of Quebec, Juan Sauvageau came to the US to pursue his post-graduate studies. He earned an MA in Education and a Ph.D. in Romance Languages and went on to teach at universities in Mexico, France, Spain, Texas and Idaho.

Sauvageau was deeply attracted to Mexican folklore and culture. In the late 70s he spent three years going from ranch to ranch on both sides of the Rio Grande, interviewing people and collecting folk tales.  He then published the stories in his bilingual book Stories That Must Not Die, which would go on to see more than 20 printings.  The collection has been used extensively in schools in the US and Mexico.

In 2012, National Educational Systems began releasing the stories individually to facilitate their use with struggling English language learners. The titles have all new illustrations done by modern Texas artists. I am serving as series editor, designing the books and managing the new blend of Sauvageau’s engaging stories and the creative vision of artists inspired by his work.

Here are the titles available so far. Overlooked Books is the exclusive distributor of hard-bound versions of the stories (the soft-cover books are available through Amazon as well):




  1. Roger Sauvageau

    Hello my name is Roger Sauvageau, I am the son of the late Jaun Sauvageau. I would ask that someone please contact me as soon as possible. I love what it is that you are doing but I would like to speak to someone about the direction that my fathers stories and poetry as well as his novels are going….I was in contact briefly with the man who was publishing his stories and I informed him of my dads illness. He passed away on Oct 4 2011…and I have heard nothing from anyone….so it was nice to read your blog thank you.

  2. I grew up reading these stories whose books were provided by our elementary. i loved them so much. i recall my aunt sitting us around her on the floor telling us similar stories as she gently rocked on her rocking chair. i have to admit I have quite a few stories of my own. i would so love to collect these books once again. thanks so much for bringing such fond memories back.

  3. I bought all his books. they were great. my students loved them especially when I’d read them around Halloween. unfortunately, I retired five years early due to an illness. when I returned over a year later, many personal items including those wonderful books were missing.

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