Ramayana, Volume 2

Under construction.

I have been fascinated for more than a decade by the Indian epic Ramayana, reading it in several translations and adaptations and pondering the lessons of the ancient poem.  Over the course of four years I crafted musical interpretations of scenes/themes in the text. Below you’ll find a list of the last nine of the twenty-one pieces, five of which are complete. You can listen to the songs by clicking on the titles below.

*Ramayana 13: Hanuman’s Leap (forthcoming)
*Ramayana 14: Building the Bridge to Lanka

*Ramayana 15: Battling the Demon Hordes

*Ramayana 16: Vibhishana’s Choice

*Ramayana 17: Indrajit Falls

*Ramayana 18: Rama and Ravana on the Battlefield (forthcoming)
*Ramayana 19: Through the Fire (forthcoming)
*Ramayana 20: Sita in Exile

*Ramayana 21: United in the Coils of Time (forthcoming)

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