This Insubstantial Pageant

My first album, a very experimental and eclectic mix of electronic music from various subgenres, everything from 80s dance to alternative to modern techno. The project sort of grew organically out of my attempts to emulate two of my favorite bands: Cocteau Twins and Underworld. You can listen to songs by clicking on the track title below, or you can download the entire album available as a zipped folder.

1-Huckleberry Juju


3-Deep Blue Bottomless Soul

4-Embracing My Caliban

5-Shadow-Dappled Aeries

6-Starkissed Darkness


8-Blissful Hell

9-Dancefloor Thrall

10-Ermined Rainbow


12-White Ribbon for Jade

13-Sunrise in Your Eyes

TIP 14-The Golem’s Hands


Lyrics from This Insubstantial Pageant.

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