Full Cover Reveal for The Smoking Mirror

Minus the bar code, here is the full cover of my upcoming YA fantasy novel The Smoking Mirror:

The Smoking Mirror Cover-smaller


  1. Joseph E. Casanova

    I was very fortunate to receive an advanced copy of The Smoking Mirror last week from my friend David Bowles, and the best way to describe the book as “The Wonder Twins meets Percy Jackson with a lot of Mexican sabor”.

    The Smoking Mirror chronicles the adventures of Nagual shapeshifting twins Johnny and Carol Garza who travel to the Aztec underworld to rescue their mother Veronica after she disappears leaving the family in turmoil. Their mother and grandmother are also shapeshifting Naguales.

    The twins endure typical pre-teen struggles while finally coming to terms with their newfound abilities. Johnny morphs into a jaguar while Carol changes into a Mexico red wolf. David does a great job in capturing how the twins learn to hunt and track in their respective animal forms.

    He paints an awesome picture of the Aztec underworld with its unique characters, numerous monsters and dangerous settings. The story has lots of action and the plot moves along quite well.

    I can’t wait for the sequel, and it’s nice to finally see a new generation of Latino fantasy heroes with more coming on the horizon.

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