In conjunction with Estudio Tlalli, I am establishing THE PATH GRANT, which will award annual $2500 prizes to new and emerging BIPOC women writers of speculative fiction.

To fund the grant, I am donating all of my royalties from my space opera quartet THE PATH (The Blue-Spangled Blue, The Deepest Green, The Rising Red, and The Swirling Black). I’ll add whatever remaining money required to award at least one prize per year.

I will also be seeking further funding to provide support to the maximum number of BIPOC women writers possible.

Some specifics:

  • BIPOC—any member of a community of color that doesn’t identify as white, principally Black, Indigenous, Latina, Asian, Pasifika.
  • Women—any person who identifies as a woman, whether cis, trans or non-binary.
  • New or emerging—a writer with no more than one book to her name and fewer than a dozen short fiction / non-fiction credits.
  • Award date—January 1st of each year.
  • Application process—There will be a short form to fill out on the Estudio Tlalli website. A writing sample and statement of creative philosophy will also be requested. The application window will run from June 1st to October 1st. A panel will review applicants (using a rubric that we will share in advance) and select recipients by December 15th of each year.

More details forthcoming!


  1. Hello, where do we submit these? The website for Estudio Tlalli isn’t displaying the online application. Am I allowed to email the website as my submission? Thank you.

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the bug on the website! I’ll reach out to Estudio Tlalli and get it fixed. Try again this weekend, and if it still doesn’t, email the website as you’ve suggested.

  3. Hi David,

    It looks like there is still an issue with the Estudio Tlalli application page. I reached out directly to but haven’t heard back. Would you happen to have more information about how I can submit my work?

    Thank you!

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