The Serpent in My Eye

This poem originally appeared in the Spring 2014 edition of Interstice.

The Serpent in My Eye

I still recall the day
it uncoiled its glassy shaft
upon the world
as I dashed down the alley—
a crooked snake that twined
at the edge of things,
floating away from my focus,
haloed by strange, transparent bubbles.

I was five. It seemed a sign
from the unknowable vastness,
a mark or brand, a dark sigil,
companion along a sinful road.
The viper never left.
It burrowed.

Ten years later I learned
its names: myodesopsia.
Musca volitans
. Floaters
Made stark by astigmatism.
But by then the wyrm
was curling in dark corners
of my soul,
well beyond the reach
of corrective lenses,

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