A Bhajan by Mira Bai

Mira Bai was a Hindu mystic and saint in the 16th century. Though born a Rajput princess, she was drawn to the god Krishna since childhood. Mira Bai rejected traditional roles for women after the death of her husband, choosing instead to spend her life worshipping that incarnation of Vishnu as her divine lover. She is best known as a poet who composed bhajans, lyrical songs of devotion. Here is one of the most famous of these pieces.

Yes! I have found the gracious wealth of his holy name.
From my one and only teacher the priceless jewel came.
The reward of many lifetimes, after losing all the world.
No man can spend or steal it. Day by day it grows, unfurls.
On the boat of truth he rows me across the sea of being—
Mira’s regal Lord Krishna, whose praises I joyfully sing!

—Translated by David Bowles, December 15, 2022

Original Braj Bhasha (a Western Hindi Language)

Pāyo jī, maine nāma raṭana dhana pāyo
bastu amolaka dī mere satguru, kirpā kari apanāyo
janma janma kī puñjī pāī, jaga meń sabai khovāyo
kharcai nahiń koī, cora na levai, dina dina baḍhata savāyo
sat kī nāva khevaṭiyā satguru, bhavasāgara tara āyo
Mīrā ke prabhu Giridhara nāgara, harakha harakha jasa gāyo!

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