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  1. David,
    Where to begin? There isn’t enough space in this little box! Quick. Briefly. Thank you for the wonderful review of the Laureate book. We could have a much longer discussion about relationships–and man’s relative position in the universe. Second–congratulations on the Pushcart nomination! Hope you win. Third–wow! You are a busy guy. I was just perusing your website. Fourth– I sure did enjoy the time talking to you at Langdon. We covered a lot of ground (and we weren’t drinking that heavy either!). Fifth–and final–if there’s some way I can repay you for that great review…maybe review one of your books–or maybe we can arrange a time when I could do a reading down there for one of your classes…something. Hey. My best email is Please drop me a line sometime! Thanks again. Alan Birkelbach

    • Alan,

      Hey, just saw this. I will definitely drop you a line! In fact, I’ve been thinking about asking you about putting in a local appearance…

      More in an upcoming email.


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