In the April 2019 edition of The Dark

  • Seventy-seven” (original title “Setenta y siete,” by Francisco Ortega)

In issue 106 (winter 2018) of Voices of Mexico (the English language journal of UNAM, the National Autonomous University of Mexico)

  • “In Memory of Tlatelolco” (original title “Memorial de Tlatelolco,” by Rosario Castellanos)

In the December 2018 edition of The Dark

  • Art” (original title “Arte,” by Alberto Chimal)

In the special Spanish version of The Dark (September 2018)

From Vol. 8 of Newfound

From the April 2016 edition of Asymptote

From Axolotl I

From the spring 2015 edition of Metamorphoses

  • A Cradlesong” (translation of “Cōzolcuīcatl,” Songs of Mexico LVII)

From Rattle #47 (March 2015: click here to read or listen to all three)

  • “Deception” by Karai Senryū (translated from the Japanese)
  • “Destination” by Karai Senryū (translated from the Japanese)
  • “Tattoo” by Karai Senryū (translated from the Japanese)

In the on-line magazine Somos en escrito (Click on the link to read all three.)

  • “A Chalcan Lordsong” (Ballads of the Lords of New Spain VIII)
  • “The Grief of Xiuhtoztzin, a Witch Owl (Songs of Mexico LXXXVII-f )
  • “An Old Man Song” (Songs of Mexico LXXXV-b)

From the Fall 2014 edition of Huizache

From Parabola‘s online poetry site

From Translation Review, Volume 88, Issue 1

From Eye to the Telescope, Issue 10

  • Translation from Spanish of Alejandro Cabada Fernández’s “Ambrosia

From BorderSenses, Issue 19

From Flower, Song, Dance: Aztec and Mayan Poetry

From the 2013 Pasta, Poetry & Vino Chapbook

Anatomy of a Translation (step-by-step description of how I translated two particular stanzas from Nahuatl to English)


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