Creature Feature

Starting September 5, 2013, and running through Halloween, The Monitor printed a nine-part series entitled “Creature Feature.” Published each Thursday, this column featured my retellings of creepy tales of ghosts, ghouls and cucuys from deep South Texas, with illustrations by a variety of local artists. On December 10, 2013, an ebook version of the series was released by AIM Media Texas. Including four additional stories, the collection is titled Creature Feature: 13 Frightening Folktales of the Rio Grande Valley.

Creature Feature by AIM Media Texas

Here are links to the on-line versions of the original stories (minus the amazing layouts made for the print newspaper).

  1. “The Big Bird” (illustrated by Marco Sánchez).
  2. The Devil at Boccaccio 2000” (illustrated by Xavier Garza).
  3. The Devil’s Lagoon” (illustrated by Marco Sánchez)
  4. The Ghosts of Fort Brown” (illustrated by Christopher Hernández)
  5. Damnation at Toluca Ranch” (illustrated by Carlos Ortega-Haas [ink] and Charlie Bowles [color])
  6. The Witch Owls of Río Rico” (illustrated by Bianca Ríos)
  7. La Llorona by the Canal” (illustrated by Nicol Bowles)
  8. Los Duendes” (illustrated by Bianca Ríos)
  9. El Cucu” (illustrated by José “Buddy Papas” Meléndez)

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