Here are some stories I’ve written. I’ve linked to those available on-line. 

In the August 21, 2022 Sunday Morning Transport.

In Living Beyond Borders: Growing up Mexican in Americaedited by Margarita Longoria (September 2021)

  • “The Body by the Canal”

In the March 2021 issue of Mermaids Monthly

In Where the Veil Is Thinedited by Alana Joli Abbott and Cerece Rennie Murphy (July 2020)

In Castle of Horror Anthology, Volume Two 

  • “On the Second Day of Christmas”

In Castle of Horror Anthology, Volume One

  • “The Goblin House”

In A Larger Reality 2.0: A Timeline in Which We Don’t Go Extinct

  • “When the Sky Fell”

Reprinted in Latin American Literature Today

In New Myths #38

In Volume 12, Issue 1 of Electric Spec

In the 2016 edition of Chachalaca Review

In the October 2016 edition of Swords and Sorcery Magazine

In Road Kill: Texas Horror by Texas Writers (Eakin Press, 2016)

  • “Shrine”

From the August 2016 edition of Stupefying Stories

  • “The Boo Hag”

Reprinted in the June 29, 2015 edition of Strange Horizons

From the 2015 Kraken edition of Devilfish Review: “Ancient Hunger, Silent Wings” (reprinted in Chupacabra Vengeance)

From the May 2015 issue of Apex Magazine

From Creature Feature, a series on legends published in The Monitor and reprinted in Both Sides: Stories from the Border.

From issue #15 of SQ Mag, an international speculative fiction e-zine

From The Seed: Stories from the River’s Edge

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