Here are some stories I’ve written. I’ve linked to those available on-line. 

Sing Me a Story: Latine Short Stories in Verse, edited by Aída Salazar (March 2025)

  • “Magic in the Grooves”

All the Love under the Vast Sky, edited by Kip Wilson (January 2025)

  • “Borrowed Blossoms”

On the Block: Stories of Home, edited by Ellen Oh (October 2024)

  • “Ángel Navarro”

We Mostly Come Out at Night: 15 Queer Tales of Monsters, Angels, & Other Creatures, edited by Rob Costello (May 2024)

  • “The Freedom of Feathers and Fur”

In Relit: 16 Latinx Remixes of Classic Stories, edited by Sandra Proudman (February 2024)

  • “This Mortal Coil”

In the Castle of Horror Anthology, Volume 9: YA

  • “Shattered Intaglio”

In the August 21, 2022 Sunday Morning Transport.

In Reclaim the Stars: Seventeen Tales Across Realms & Space, edited by Zoraida Córdova (February 2022)

  • “The First Day of Us”

In Living Beyond Borders: Growing up Mexican in Americaedited by Margarita Longoria (September 2021)

  • “The Body by the Canal”

In the March 2021 issue of Mermaids Monthly

Both Sides: Stories from the Border, edited by Gabino Iglesias (2020)

  • “El Sombrerón”

In Where the Veil Is Thinedited by Alana Joli Abbott and Cerece Rennie Murphy (July 2020)

In Castle of Horror Anthology, Volume Two 

  • “On the Second Day of Christmas”

In Castle of Horror Anthology, Volume One

  • “The Goblin House”

In A Larger Reality 2.0: A Timeline in Which We Don’t Go Extinct

  • “When the Sky Fell”

Reprinted in Latin American Literature Today

In New Myths #38

In Volume 12, Issue 1 of Electric Spec

In the 2016 edition of Chachalaca Review

In the October 2016 edition of Swords and Sorcery Magazine

In Road Kill: Texas Horror by Texas Writers (Eakin Press, 2016)

  • “Shrine”

From the August 2016 edition of Stupefying Stories

  • “The Boo Hag”

Reprinted in the June 29, 2015 edition of Strange Horizons

From the 2015 Kraken edition of Devilfish Review: “Ancient Hunger, Silent Wings” (reprinted in Chupacabra Vengeance)

From the May 2015 issue of Apex Magazine

From Creature Feature, a series on legends published in The Monitor and reprinted in Both Sides: Stories from the Border.

From issue #15 of SQ Mag, an international speculative fiction e-zine

From The Seed: Stories from the River’s Edge

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