2012: Looking Back at a Busy Year

Reflecting on the work I did this year, I am a little amazed at how much I got accomplished. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • January to March—Wrote my first YA urban fantasy novel, The Smoking Mirror. I haven’t found an agent/publisher yet, but I’m confident that there’s a home for the book out there.
  • April—The Monitor, a local newspaper with a circulation of about 100,000, began to carry my book review column TOP SHELF.
  • April to May—Wrote Mexican Bestiary, an illustrated, bilingual encyclopedia of legendary Mexican creatures (a collaboration with painter Noé Vela). It came out in June through VAO Publishing.
  • July and August—Translated the screenplay of La estrella (a Spanish YA novel by Javi Araguz and Ísabel Hierro) into English.
  • September—Edited Along the River 2: More Voices from the Río Grande, an anthology of writers from south Texas and northern Mexico. It was released in October through VAO Publishing.
  • October to December—Worked as series editor for the re-release of newly illustrated editions of sixteen of Juan Sauvageau’s classic Stories That Must Not Die. Volumes released by National Educational Systems. This work actually spilled into January because of the following project.
  • October to December—Translated some fifty Aztec and Mayan poems into English. The project, Flower, Song, Dance, will be published in 2013 by Lamar University Press.

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