Cover for Book 2 of THE PATH

Estudio Tlalli has wrapped up the cover for The Deepest Green, Book Two of The Path, my space opera quartet.

All royalties from the series underwrite THE PATH GRANT, which provides $2500 prizes to emerging women writers from communities of color.

Here’s the cover!

Front cover of The Deepest Green

The Deepest Green
Book Two of The Path
Publication Date: July 13, 2021

Book Description
Twins Teri and Miwa Miranda are happy and popular high school students on the independent world of Terego. Their family is beloved by the community: their sweet half-brother Jakobo, caring stepmother Rhea, and doting father Nando, a model citizen in all aspects of his life.

But every bit of that life is a lie.

In reality, Nando Miranda is Brando D’Angelo, a wanted fugitive, raising the clones of his murdered wife and daughter, hoping he won’t be discovered. Now the armed forces of the Consortium have tracked him down. In an instant his carefully constructed identity is exploded, and the true nature of his daughters is revealed.

The devastated teens have little time to assimilate the news. Retreating from their community in shock, they find themselves abducted, drawn into a cataclysmic crisis that will shake the foundations of human society.

For humans are not the only species on Terego. In the deep green shadows of its impenetrable forests, fierce creatures are rallying for war.

And an ancient intelligence is awakening from its slumber.

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