Parents of David Bowles

People search for information about my parents all the time (hrm), so I thought I’d create a post with some basic data points.

My father

David Oscar Bowles grew up in McAllen. His parents were Manuel Garza and Lois Marie (Bowles) Garza. His older sister was Elizabeth Marie Bowles, and his younger siblings were Michael Garza, Linda Garza, and Dan Garza. He died in 2020.

My father at age 16.
My father at age 18.
My father at 20 years of age.
My father at age 22, from his US Navy yearbook.

My mother

Linda Lee Odoms was born and grew up in McAllen, Texas. Her parents were Peter Odoms and Lois Marie (Hugon) Odoms. Her younger brothers are Larry Odoms and P. Samuel Odoms.

My mother at age 16.
My mother at age 18.
My mother at age 20.

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