Music from the Deepest Green

A work-in-progress. The soundtrack to my novel The Deepest Green. Will be released summer 2021. 

1-Lost Forest Children (Shalura’s Theme)


3-Spinning above the Ice (Miwa’s Theme)

4-The Structure of People and Things (Teri’s Theme)

5-Justice (Tony’s Theme)

6-Betrayed But Bold (Rhea’s Theme)

7-Querida Carmen

8-The Urim

9-The Greenseer

10-Through the Great Senekan Forest


12-Something Like Sisters

13-Ona ra-Oni (The Oni Way)

14-The Battle for Terego


16-She Never Turns Her Back on Us

17-The Nakÿng (Six Nations, One People)

18-I Have Seen the Signs


20-La infanaj rasoj kaj la Demiurgo

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