Appearing on Monsters and Mysteries in America

I will be appearing in this Friday’s episode of Monsters and Mysteries in America, which features tales of flying humanoids. Be sure to tune in to check out my commentary and the recreation of my Creature Feature tale “The Big Bird,” a spine-tingling Valley legend from 1976.

The program airs 9 pm CST on the Destination America station:

  • Channel 286 on DIRECTV.
  • Channel 194 on DISH.
  • Channel 201 on Time Warner.
  • Channel 1465/465 on U-verse.

It’s Valentine’s, of course, but you get to see me babble about cryptids, so that’s got to be a selling point to your significant other.


  1. Saw u on this episode. I’m from Northern New Mexico, a little town Cordova. As u probably no there’s a lot of weird stories that us Hispanics/Latinos grow up hearing. I am interested in the books u have wrote and look forward to reading them.

    Jamaica Aguilar

    • Thanks! There are lots over overlaps between the legends of New Mexico and South Texas, so I think you’ll find much to identify with and enjoy in my work. ¡Saludos desde la frontera!

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