Advance Praise for Shattering and Bricolage

A couple of great poets have weighed in with blurbs:

It seems, at times, David Bowles “has wandered away from the land of men,” his earthly declarations channeled up from a history of ancient monsters: a world still ruled by deep mystery. His words strike unexpected chords and intense visuals: “Death will come slow/ Like a beautiful girl who does not turn away.” They are fresh and mythical, with voices of Old Mexico and Samurai and ancient Greece that teach us death is just another stepping stone in this life’s journey. “When wounds are healed by love,” he says, “The scars are beautiful.”

These are powerful poems to haunt and enthrall, connecting us beyond time and rushed reality. Prepare for a new voice. Prepare to be left wanting more.

—karla k. morton
2010 Texas Poet Laureate


David Bowles’ words will take you from a false ultrasound reading to the sun of the Aztecs, from runaway newspapers borne on the wind to runaway cosmology of demons and gods. David Bowles is not afraid, either of words or ideas. You will feel braver after reading Shattering and Bricolage.

—Jan Seale
2012 Texas Poet Laureate

Shattering and Bricolage will be available June 20 at your favorite bookstore or on-line retailer.

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