Meet Carol Garza

Here are some key facts about one of the protagonists of the Garza Twins series.


Name: Carolina “Carol” Garza
Birthday: August 10
Aztec day sign: Ce Ocelotl or “One Jaguar.” Note, however, that the twins were baptized on August 26, which falls under the sign Nahui Izcuintli or “Four Dog,” and Carol’s abilities are shaped by that day more than her birth date.
Pronouns: she, her
Orientation: bi
Home town: Donna, Texas
Interests: Japanese manga, fantasy novels, K-drama, rock en español, J-pop and alternative music, history, Mexican muralism, mythology, singing
Play list: For A Kingdom Beneath the Waves
Favorite food: tamales
Favorite sport: kickboxing
Best school subjects: social studies and English
Personality: independent, caring, introspective to a fault, friendly, tough though cautious, respectful but unafraid to question authority
Magical categorization: shape-shifting twin able to wield xoxal or “savage magic,” allowing her, among other things, to assume the shape of any creature whose DNA she touches
Principal animal form: Mexican gray wolf
Principal defense: the Robe of Mayahuel (gift)



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