Meet Johnny Garza

Here are some key facts about one of the protagonists of the Garza Twins series.


Name: Juan Ángel “Johnny” Garza
Birthday: August 10
Aztec day sign: Ce Ocelotl or “One Jaguar”
Pronouns: he, him
Orientation: straight
Home town: Donna, Texas
Interests: electronica music, old cartoons and comics, video games, architecture, social justice, drawing
Play list: For A Kingdom Beneath the Waves
Favorite food: caldo de res
Favorite sport: soccer
Best school subjects: math and art
Personality: funny and often snarky, courageous to the point of recklessness, quick to anger when the innocent or weak are preyed upon by bullies
Magical categorization: shape-shifting twin able to wield xoxal or “savage magic,” allowing him, among other things, to assume the shape of any creature whose DNA he touches
Principal animal form: jaguar
Principal defense: the Cape of Huitzilopochtli (stolen)


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